Sunday, December 5, 2010

Too Earthly Minded, No Heavenly Good

About a month ago I was at a business meeting for work. My boss handed out a sheet of paper that had several questions to answer like, "What is in a Ahi Steak Salad?" or "When was the last time you degreased the walls?" The last question was, "When was the last time you feel you went out of your way to serve at Don Juan's?" There were many answers to that question like doing someone else's job, coming in on the day off, and staying late to mop floors, but when those were discussed I started thinking about if those things were really above and beyond the call of duty.
As a little girl my mom would designate cleaning days. She would tell me that I was on her clock, to a certain extent, an employee. She taught me that anything that I was asked to do during that time should be done immediately, well, and without complaining. If by dinner I had not completed those allotted tasks, I was expected to continue working until bedtime and finish them the next day.
As an employee I can apply these same principles. Anything my shift is required to complete should be done before we leave. If this means helping a co-worker, picking up a shift, or staying late to do chores, it is a requirement. It is my duty to do it well. When I signed the line and clocked in for the first time, I was agreeing to give my bosses my time to do with as they pleased. Nothing that was asked of me during that time was outside of my duty. Living up to their high standards is part of the requirement.
This realization enabled me to apply this to my Christian walk. When I accepted Christ as my Savior, I agreed to live up to His standards until He clocks me out. He gave me a guide book, so I can learn His requirements and live up to His standard. This means that I need to actively apply everything He commands in my life and actively resist everything I am called to prohibit. While this task is daunting, He gives me others to help me, the Holy Spirit to guide me, and the ability to live up to His standard. All the rest of the time I have is His. He died for me, so that I might live. As it ays in the Old Testament, " A Life for a Life." It isn't a suggestion it is a job requirement.
Some say that living like this would make a person so heavenly minded they are no earthly good. I disagree. A real and dangerous issue in Christianity today is the rise of Christians who are messing around and not doing their job. In the Bible it says that if we don't take care of it, God will step in and "clock them out early." We all need to be reminded that we are living on His time and we should also be wary of becoming Christians who are too earthly minded that they are no heavenly good.