Monday, August 30, 2010

Coming of Age

Lately, I haven't been as good about blogging. From life decisions to jobs and looking for scholarships I haven't had much time to read or pretty much do anything. Somewhere in the midst of it all I lost a my focus on the big picture and forget to apply what I have learned in the last few years to life now. You would thing after reading as many coming-of-age and advice for life books as I have I would at least know what to do, but apparently everyone has to live it for themselves and learn that pursuing God is the only way to live. He has a plan and He will guide me. I just need to trust Him and be patient. I know that even if what I want now falls through I can trust Him with my future and live life laterally.
Hopefully, I will be blogging more often. I just picked up a George McDonald Treasury and the Manchurian President to read. Also I am reading Proverbs right now and listing all the principles to live by. I can't wait to share all of this with you.

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