Thursday, March 18, 2010

Satan - Hero or Rogue

In the first book of Milton’s Paradise Lost Satan is introduced as a fallen hero , he almost seems likable to a certain extent. The flesh seeks to make him misunderstood and forgivable like an enraged Achilles. The fallen Lucifer is the end result that we without Christ are capable of attaining. We feel empathy for Satan because we, ourselves, seek resolution in our own lives without God and, as Satan did, reject God in order to gain glory for ourselves. As Christians, we can see Satan for the charlatan he is and is later revealed to be in the book. He twists the truth to make it seem that God made a mistake in glorifying Christ. He makes it seem like he was cheated by God. The falsehood of this is obvious. Satan seems heroic, but is the snake he morphs into.

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