Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The personalities of Chaucer

I find it interesting that Chaucer gives the tellers of his stories such defined personalities. Most of those are contrary to what their occupation entails. The wife of Bath has gone through five husbands and been on three pilgrimages, she was considered a lovely Christian woman, but she later expresses the unbiblical thought that women should rule over men. The Monk is more focused on hunting and sees studying as something that would make him crazy.
There are two that stand out as being true to their occupation. The Parson is specifically said to follow what he teaches before he tells others to do so as well. The Knight is chivalrous, full of integrity, gentle, and honorable.
The character of the pilgrims is sadly lacking in true God honoring Christians. This is especially ironic because they are on a pilgrimage, which is a trip to a holy place in order to bring someone closer to God, not a time for the telling of ribald tales.

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