Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Atrophil and Stella - an Ill Fated Romance

In Atrophil and Stella, Sidney puts himself in the place of Atrophil, the layman suitor of the noble Stella. Like every beau he praises her beauty saying nature never made anything more beautiful than Stella’s radiant black eye. His love for her inspires him to do good, but still the desire for her is unquenched. Atrophil wrote in order to earn his lady’s grace. His admiration for her beauty quickly changes into a physical desire for her. He speaks of the sweetness of her kiss. Again the high standards of courtly love fall to pieces in the presence of lust. In the end as is typical the two can not be together, so Atrophil despairs. He has attached his heart to a useless cause and now suffers as result. Going to show once more the futility of creating extramarital attachments when marriage is not an option. It hurts both parties and leaves less of Atrophil’s heart for his future spouse.

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